How to Get Your Pre Schooler to Sleep in Their Own Room!

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So you have created this perfect sanctuary for your child yet every night you seem to be fighting him for the covers in your bedroom every night! Here a re few tips to help your precious angel stay in his bedroom and help you get a decent nights sleep!

Get in to a bed time routine! Whatever your routine (i.e. put on pj’s, brush teeth, read stories, and off to bed) establish it and stick to it as much as possible. Once your nursery schooler understands that this staying in his bed is part of the routine he may stay there.

Explain to your toddler that if he wakes up in the night he is to call you to come in his bed. That way he understands that you will come to him always, and that he is not to come in to your bed. He will understand that his bed is a safe place and that you trust that nothing is going to happen to him in his room. After a few night of calling you to his room chances are he will get more comfortable in his bed and stop waking up.

Be proactive. Think of all the reasons he could think of to get out of his bed. Put in a night light, let him sleep with a little water bottle by his bed, and for the first week or so lay down with him until he falls asleep. Remember its not your bed your child wants, its you.

Now you may get a lot of critics telling you that you should not lay down with your child and put him to bed. To that I say, what adult do you know still needs his mommy and daddy to lay with him and put him to sleep. Remember soon will come the days when he will be an elusive teenager pushing you out of his room and locking the door. Enjoy the precious time while you can and get some sleep!