How to Get Your Pre Schooler to Eat Their Vegetables!

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So you are worried because the only vegetable our child will eat are French fries and you are convinced that he will soon turn into a French fry at the rate he wants to eat them. In this ever increasing world of obesity eating your vegetables is extremely important part of your child’s diet. Here are a few simple ideas that may help with your picky eaters!

Try a different vegetable every day and prepare it in different ways. Remember vegetables can be served, raw, baked, steamed, grilled, in salad, in juice form, stir-fried and broiled. Try a wide variety and in different ways until you find the vegetables that your child will like and in the style they will like to eat them in.

Mix them in your child’s favorite meal. If your child likes macaroni and cheese, make it with steamed broccoli or peas mixed in. If your child likes spaghetti mix in real tomatoes, mushrooms, or peas and carrots into the sauce. Sometimes mixing right into their favorite foods makes them eat it without even noticing.

Try juicing vegetables and mixing it with fruits. Make your child part of the juicing experience and they may be more inclined to drink them. Combinations such as carrot apple and celery apple are usually sweet to the taste and a big hit.

Most children love to dip items (i.e French fries in ketchup) so provide them dipping options such as a salad dressing they might like and let them dip away. Always make vegetables ready toe at and available with lunch, dinner, and snack. By having them readily available your child will eat when they are ready.

The most important thing is to not battle your child over vegetables. By making them always available and setting an example of how much you love to eat vegetables, you are doing enough. Gone are the days when you threaten your child to eat foods or tell them they cannot get up unless they finish their plate. Remember a child will fight back and give you more Resistance if you make food an issue. Also, don’t fret if your child does eat French fries once in awhile. By not depriving your child of the junk every once in awhile they may be more healthy well rounded eaters.