Bright Horizons Family Solutions: West Somerville, NJ

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Location: Rt 22 West Somerville, NJ


  1. Former Assistant Teacher says:

    I currently worked at this center. I had never been more upset to go to work everyday. Although the center is wonderful for the children, with plenty of toys for the children and space. They have a wonderful outside play area and a very large area inside for all the child to play with. The staff at the center is horriable. The upfront staff put on fake smiles for the parents and the second the parents are out of ear shot the staff behind the front desk start talking about the parent behind their back. The upfront staff also talk about the teachers all the time and have them doing a ton of work that they end up not being able to get done because it is way to much. They sit behind the desk in the front and play games on the computer while other teachers in the back are short staffed and need help. They never go to the classrooms to help out teachers and are always telling the teachers that they are busy. At staff meetings, staff is being told that they need to interact with the child and that they are not allowed to sit around the front desk and break and just TALK. However, when you walk up to the front desk, the staff up their is doing the same thing. Children are taught how to play tug of war with a garden hose and child even broke their leg while playing the game and everyone just commented that at least it was a staff memeber child and no one elses.

    Since I had worked at the center more than half of the staff has left because they are unhappy with the center. Other staff members have been fired because of nothing at all. I would never ever send your child to this center unless you wanted to be talk about behind your back and have your child playing games and getting broken bones because of it. The upfront staff is horriable and the teachers don’t do their jobs because they are so unhappy that they are always being talked about behind their back.

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