10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About their Preschoolers

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10. Every child throws tantrums. This is a normal part of life. There is no terrible 2’s or 3’s, all children go through phases and it’s normal. I know parents who will tell you that their child is going through the terrible 16’s!

9. Your child WILL learn! So what if Suzie knows how to read and your child doesn’t. Each child learns at his own pace. When he is ready he will work with you and learn, so don’t push it!

8. Every child needs to make a mess. A 4 year old is just that, a 4 year old. Don’t get upset over every mess you see. This is part of the learning process and part of the fun! Remember messes most often means that your child was attempting to do something on his own, and that is progress.

7. Every child needs to be babied once in awhile. No I am not telling you to break out the bottle for your four year old, but every once in awhile your child may ask you to help them dress or put on their shoes. Yes they know how to do it, but every once in awhile they want the security of knowing that you are willing to still help them. Why not do it?

6. They won’t be children forever. Treasure those moments and relax. They will not be drawing on the walls at 16 and dropping milk all over the floor. Remember relax and stay calm!

5. Your child needs memories. When they are older it will be too late. You want your child to remember all the great times he had growing up. Remember this, on their death bed no one ever says they wish they had worked more.

4. Every child needs a caregiver. Even if it’s that ten minutes of story time or chatting at bath time your child craves your attention and interaction. The more you give the more you get. They would much rather be with you then in front of a television.

3. Your child will eat. I know the doctor always tells you that, but its true so don’t worry. Unless your child has a serious medical problem, they won’t let themselves starve. The more you make meal time a battle the less they will want to eat.

2. You are your child’s role model. If you curse, yell, or give attitude, so will your child. Remember your child will want to be like you.

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1. Your child is not perfect. Thinking like this sets you both up for failure. Understand your child’s imperfections because you will then have an accurate picture of your child. You will be able to accept feedback and help your child grow into a wonderful human being. Remember, accepting weakness does not mean you are negating strengths. What it does mean is that you understand the life that you are nurturing. Remember only ostriches should keep their head in the sand.

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