How to Keep Your Pre-Schooler Safe:

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In this day and age when sending your child to school there are a few simple steps that you as a parent can do to help ensure the safety of your child: Ask if there are back round checks performed for each staff member and how often medicals are required.

Find out when the Board of Health last visited the site and find out if any violations were found, and how they were rectified.

Do a few informal observations when you are dropping off and picking up your child. Observe how teachers are reacting to other children whose parents are not present. This can often be a clear indicator of how your child is treated when you are not there.

Teach your child about his private areas and explain to him who is allowed to touch these areas (namely him only). Also explain to him what he should do if someone tries to touch him in an uncomfortable way (scream as loud as he can and tell parent and other teachers).

Turn your phone number into a song (i.e. to the tune of “Skip to My Loo”) as a way to teach it to your child. Also teach your child his first and last name, his parents names, and his street address. All preschoolers can learn these basic things as soon as they can talk.Teach your child who a police officer and fireman are and let him meet one at the local stations so he knows who to turn to if he gets lost and is not afraid of them.

Teach your child not to take anything from anyone they don’t know and explain to them why. While this may seem early to teach your child to be afraid of strangers, in the long run it will protect them and give you piece of mind.