Is This Day Care or Nursery Program Right for My Child?

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So you have found this program that you think you want your child to be a part of but have this nagging feeling of is this program right for him? The best way to ensure this is to observe your child and ask the following questions: Does my child like large groups of children when we go to playgroups or birthday parties, or does he do better in smaller intimate play groups?

Is my child artistic? Does this program do a lot of art? Does my child love to read? Does this program have a lot of story time? Does my child love to build, or work with trains? You get the point, think of your child’s interest and match it to what the program offers. A child who loves art and creativity may not do as well in a school that focuses mostly on academic skills.

Is my child extremely focused or does he have an extremely short attention span. You may want to look at programs that offer different choices all day or a program that is extremely structured. The important thing here is to find a school that seems like the best fit for your child and also makes you feel comfortable. Remember when your child starts school they are in school for a large quantity of time. You need to feel at ease when sending your child to school and finding the best fit will ensure this. Lastly remember, the first school you pick may not be the best fit. Don’t beat yourself up over this. It may take a few tries. Ultimately though when you do find that right school both you and your child will benefit.