Child Nursery Centers – Colorado Springs

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Child Nursery Centers – School Information

Historic Day Nursery – 104 E. Rio Grande, Colorado Springs, CO
Antlers Place – 108 Antlers Place, Colorado Springs, CO
Meadows Park – 1939 S El Paso Ave Colorado Springs, CO
Sand Creek – 550 Sand Creek Dr. Colorado Springs, CO
South Chelton – 1465 S Chelton Rd. Colorado Springs, CO

Director: Becky Miller

Phone: (719) 632-1754



Ages: 2 1/2 – 14 Years Old

Ratios: not available


Other Info: not for profit 501(c) (3)

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Parent Review

Child Nursery Centers located in Colorado Springs, Colorado has many locations, but I don’t recommend sending your children there.

They say they help you as a single parent and they did at first, but the rates raised without explanation and when asked, “corporate raised it and they didn’t state why?” is the only explanation I received.

Their “curriculum” states they do certain activities, but when I asked my daughter what they did all day, she tells me, “I ate breakfast, I played outside, I heard a story, I ate lunch, I slept, and I played outside.” What happened to learning ABCs, counting, etc.? She is quite intelligent and it most definitely does not come from school. I work with her at night, but why am I paying for her to get “educated” if she is not getting anything out of it. Also, they have a “Get Well Center”, but it is never available to you when you need it…there are nothing but excuses as to why your child can’t go there…well, why have it if we can’t utilize it? I started to look elsewhere for my daughter’s care and found out that there are many places with “proof” that the children are doing education-related work. I was sad to see that the only thing my daughter brought home was something she colored on Fridays. I find it hard to pay for education if they are not getting educated!!!


Child Nursery Centers - Colorado Springs, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


  1. Samuel says:

    I totally agree with the review above.. Don’t send your child here! My child learn nothing at this babysitting service that was really supposed to be a school. The teachers seemed to not even care! I ended up taking my child out of the school!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    this center is … I didn’t like how I went to pick up my child her face and outfit was dirty, I had to rush to clean her up so we could make her appointment. The teacher never really spoke to me about my daughters day, she would hand me a paper that said the same stuff every day. I’m very disappointed and would not give recomendations here.

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  3. missj says:

    My child attends the antler place location. I’ve noticed that the children are dirty and always a mess when I pick my child up. Parents have errands to run after getting off of work and would appreciate their children to at least look decent and clean. My child never brings home anything that shows she is being educated. It’s usually just colored pictures and drawings. I was expecting a fun but yet useful environment for my child when I enrolled her there and that is not what I am getting at all. The director always seems so short when speaking to her. Some staff members are great and some are not friendly at all. I guess I just expected a little more from how they talked when I toured the facility.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    this center is …

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