10 Weirdest Things I have Seen as a Preschool Teacher

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10. Children who sleep walk in the nap room. We have had several who walk around try and pee, call you mom, and come for hugs!

9. Children who eat ketchup and bread sandwiches for lunch! Who knew that was a lunch option! You would be surprised how many children eat these types of meals for lunch!

8. Children who don’t like to paint because they don’t like getting their hands dirty. I never thought that children wouldn’t like to get dirty!

7. Parents who have more concern for themselves than their kids

6. Children will hide anything in their pockets and bring it to school. I do mean anything. I have seen everything from small live creatures to mommy’s diamond engagement rings.

5. Children who hate each other one day ending up the best of friends the next. As adults we cannot do this so it seems “weird” to us, but to children this is a part of every day life.

4. Children whose parents insist that they eat healthy and then only pack them a quarter of a sandwich or some cereal for lunch. What a contradiction!

3. Children who act like miniature versions of their parents. If their parents are irritating and demanding, they tend to be the same way. Its amazing how much a parent can influence a child.

2. Children who converse with themselves. You would not believe how many children I have caught in full conversations with themselves about a variety of topics.

1. Children who honestly have no idea of what’s going on around them. You don’t know how many countless times I have seen a child bump into a wall or do something extremely naughty and have no idea why they did it. It seems to be a common phenomenon.

Guest post by Stacy from The Children’s Aid Society

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