Trinity Lutheran – Bogota, New Jersey

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The school itself is lovely. The classrooms are small the the ratio’s are great and they have a wonderful gym area for the children to play. Overall though I could not in good conscious reccomend this school for any child who may have difficulty with separation anxiety. The teachers my son was exposed to seemed to have no patience or willingness to work with him. They seemed to need training and the director was really no help when dealing with the situation.

My son attended this school when he was two years old. He had a horrific experience at this place. The teacher did not have experience with two year olds and could not handle my son’s separation anxiety. He ended up being traumuatized by the entire experience and developed a fear of school. It took many months before we were able to help him have a successful experience at school. Every now and then he still will mention this teacher’s name and the terrible ordeal he went through. They say that children forget things when they are young, but my child will always remember this teacher and his terrible experience.


  1. In response to the above comments I would like to say that not all 2 year olds (or their parents) are ready for school. Each family should make an educated decision when deciding if their child is ready for a school environment. Trinity Lutheran School is a wonderful, loving, christian environment where each and every child is helped in achieving their potential. I know this as fact as all three of my children attended the school. All of our experiences were wonderful. My children have excelled in school and I believe that is in part because their first experience with school (Trinity Lutheran) was so positive.

    It is a shame that your experience wasn’t as enriching as ours was!

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