Last Minute Shopping for your Kids in a Tough Economy

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Here are some quick shopping tips when prices are high and the budget is low

For Infants, Babies and Toddlers:

Please remember toddlers have no concept of price and what they want! You could give them a shopping bag and they would play for hours! It does not make you any less of a parent because they own no leap frog toys! Try sticking with old fashioned toys like shape rings, wooden clocks, spinning wheels, board books, large puzzles, shape sorters, anything that has cause and effect sounds or lights!

For Preschool and School age Children:

Science experiments, Leggos, Kineks, Cars, Trucks, Planes, Barbies, dolls, are all reasonably priced. Does she really need Barbies Dream house when you can afford a cheaper doll house but place 4 barbies in it? Same with the fellas. They don’t need the super duper Monster truck for $150 dollars when you can get 40 hot wheels for  $10. Remember at the preschool age children will love whatever you give them.

As they get older children will want Nintendo DSI, IPODS, WII, PS3, cell phones,  and expensive video games. My answer to this is simple. If this is what they really want, go for it with someone else. Some parents split the cost with grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles. This way the child gets their big  gift and the people that were looking to buy them presents have helped with the cost. Another idea is to let the child know(if they are older)  that you will give them a gift card for half and they can save up their allowance by doing odd jobs to help make up the other half.  Another solution is to only buy one gift for the child and make it the big purchase. Please note that just because a child wants a gift doesn’t mean they should get it. Does an 8 year old need an Ipod Touch or  would it be better to get a child a much cheaper MP3 that  won’t hurt you so much when it gets lost or stolen! Does he need a DSi or could you find a Gameboy or a Leapster that would cost half the price? These are the questions to ask yourself.

No one is saying to deprive your children of toys this holiday season. Just keep in mind that your children’s love comes from how you treat them, not what you buy for them….happy holidays!

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