Blue Ridge Montessori School: Asheville, North Carolina

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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
Location: 38 Sycamore Road, Asheville, NC, 28804
Ages 1 1/2 to 6 yrs
Phone (828) 281-0505
Blue Ridge Montessori School: Asheville, North Carolina, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


  1. Anonymous says:

    Blue Ridge Montessori seems to me to be less a school and more a day care. My 4 year old attended Blue Ridge Montessori for nearly six months. While there she was treated well and got along well with the other kids, and her mother and I were happy about that, But as time went on our experiences with the teacher/owner became increasingly frustrating, mostly because of a lack of communication on her part, but also because she seemed very irritable and at times even aggressive. What prompted us to finally pull our daughter out were two things. First, one day while my daughter was the only child there and Mrs. Gail seemed approachable (not something I felt very often) I asked her what she thought my daughters strengths and weaknesses were (she had been there for five months at this point). Mrs Gail’s response was evasive and she seemed put out that I was bothering her, but finally she said “well, she is very social” .. That was it! and then she walked off as if she had something urgent to attend to. This was no big issue, although it did make me a bit uncomfortable and disappointed, but it wasn’t exactly a deal-breaker.. That would come few weeks later when I learned that Mrs Gail had a complete melt-down and was screaming at one of the parents, calling her names, and verbally abusing her in front of all the kids.. When I heard about this from a concerned parent I felt that my suspicions were confirmed concerning that pent up aggression I always sensed just below the surface with her, and immediately started making plans to move my daughter to another school..

    I wish I could say that the story ended here but sadly what followed was the most stressful part, because after we told Mrs. Gail we were planning on leaving, We became the enemy,.
    At this point she refused to talk to or even look at us. When I asked her about the returning of our deposit she said she would “get back to us”
    and when weeks went by without a phone call I tried to call. Her response? “talk to my answering machine and stop harassing me”.
    also, unfortunately for us, the melt-down issue happened a day or two after we had paid our monthly tuition, which she (of course) wont return either, which, added up equals around
    ,200 dollars she has received for nothing..
    needless to say We feel frustrated by this experience, and are considering legal action..

    Anyway, I obviously wouldn’t recommend Blue Ridge Montessori, and luckily there are plenty of good preschools in Asheville to choose from.

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  2. Millyanyrayt says:

    “I love the highly trained staff, friendly faces and loving care that I see all of the children receiving at Shool Feels like 1 big family and many of the teachers have been there since day 1.”

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