Church and Country DayCare – Teaneck, New Jersey

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The most shocking thing about this center is that parents are not asked to fill out extensive paperwork nor are medicals up to date. Teachers are not screened for backgrounds and the environment clearly is disheveled full or poor supplies and overcrowded. It is hard to believe that this daycare is in a suburb as it has the look of an inner city program. I was able to walk into the center without being stopped and when I was given a tour by the Director I noted that teachers were in conversation with each other and not engaged with the children in the infant room, I could not see leaving my three month old in this environment when the teachers in this infant room did not even smile at me. Also, it was interesting to me that when asked about where a child was the teachers looked around the room as if they did not know! The preschool teacher seemed active and engaged with the children but she was extremely busy being 1 teacher to 20 students! I would not recommend this to anyone!