How to Prevent Your Pre-schooler from Coming Home Sick

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So your child has entered the wonderful world of preschool and has yet to see a day of school when his nose is not running. How can you try and avoid this perpetual runny nose ? Here are a few simple tips.

1. Find out the school’s hand washing policy. How often are the children required to wash hands and do they use soap. Do they wash hands before every meal or just at certain points in the day? After they use the bathroom? Also, teach your child how to wash their hands correctly. This will save you a few sneezy days.

2. Find out how often the children’s toys are sanitized. This is imperative to germ control because little hands and mouths touching the same toys can often lead to sick city!

3. Teach your child how to cough and sneeze into their elbow and how to properly use tissues. This will help with disease prevention.

4. Find out how strict the school’s health policy is. The school may say its policy is tough but the best people to find this out from is parents who have used the school before. Ask around the neighborhood or the school for a few parents that you could speak to.

5. Keep your child home as you see fit. Sure Suzie can attend school if she just has a runny nose but Should she? Chances are if you keep your child home before any real symptoms appear it could prevent a worse illness and the need for antibiotics. Too many antibiotics at a young age can be very harmful to a child, so stop that runny nose in its tracks!