My Child Will Not Stop Crying & it’s the First Week of School!

Happy Children Playing Kids

Happy Children Playing Kids (Photo credit:

So you maybe having panic attacks and be feeling like you want to take your child home and keep him there for another year…. my advice is don’t.

Children need to learn to be social and how to interact without their parents. The best thing that you can do is talk to your child about school and all the fun things bout it. Make sure you learn all of the teachers names and explain to him the schedule of the day. When you drop off your child do it quickly walk them over to the designated area (or hand them to a teacher if they are crying) give a quick kiss and say goodbye. Do not sneak around the corner or look in from a window because if your child spots you it means you don’t trust the teachers in the school (so he won’t either) and it makes you emotional which can definitely affect your child.

Emotion is also something your child will feed off of so no matter how close you are to tears where the brightest smile when leaving and when saying goodbye. When picking your child up focus on what was good about school no matter what he says. He may say “I hate everything” or “we did nothing.” If this is the case talk about new friends or a picture he may have take home. Tell him about how much fun you had when you went to school. The most important thing you can do is give yourself and the teachers time. Also don’t compare your child to the one that isn’t crying.

Children show separation at different times and in different ways and they all show it at one time or another… This is a normal part of childhood. Take it from a mom whose son threw up for two weeks straight when he started preschool… they do learn to love it!