How to Get a Guardian Bond for Minors or the Mentally Disabled

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Getting a Guardian Bond

If you’re looking to become the legal guardian of a minor or mentally disabled person, you’ll first need a guardian bond.

How to Get a Guardian Bond

1. Find out the bond type and amount owed. The courts should have this information. For reference, the amount is usually twice the annual earnings (or total assets) of the minor or disabled person.
2. Find an insurance agent who has experience writing bonds. Beware of insurance agents from name brand companies or with only home and auto insurance experience. Ask your attorney for suggestions.
3. Pick your agent.
4. Apply. Create an application with your agent. For small bond amounts, you’ll only need the basics: your name, date of birth, home address, and reason for the bond. For large amounts, the court may ask for a complete financial statement of your assets and liabilities as well as a personal credit report.


Remember this is not an insurance policy. This is a surety bond.

The decision on your bond is based primarily on your credit history; henceforth, we recommend that you check your credit before applying.

Be wary of insurance agents with no guardian bond experience. Ask your lawyer for referrals.

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