Cool Wall Peel Stickers: For kids

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Stickr Train from Butch & harold

Want to decorate a room for your special girl or boy without spending all day painting stars and rainbows?  Try a wall sticker.  They’re fun.  They’re exciting.  And, most importantly, they’re removable.

The following are the top three coolest websticker companies on the block.  Enjoy.  No more painting for you.

3. What is Blik:

Blik is certainly one of the more colorful wall peel options for your boy or girl.  Super cool and funky, this Amsterdam based company knows how to pull out the little Picasso in your little one.  Choose from all sizes and shapes and colors.  Most importantly, don’t worry about cleaning up afterward.


2. My Munchkin Home:


My Munchkin Home is a dream—perfect for your the little astronauts and seasoned ballerinas.  Choose from a bevy of creative designs: from little owls tucked away in a bright pink tree to space ships and airplanes.  You’ll even find a large giraffe, available in pink and blue.

My Munchkin Home was launched in 2007 by Amanda Evans, a mother in her first pregnancy.  She was looking to create a sanctuary for her first child, but living in a rental apartment made things difficult.  The look she creates is stunning and a perfect complement to her Melbourne contemporary Australian style.  Job well done Amanda.  And thanks for allowing others to do the same.


1. Butch and Harold: www.




Now, you may be wondering why Butch and Harold is number one?  The answer is easy.  Butch and Harold makes stickers so that kids can hang their art work. Hang your fourth grade “Race Day” pictures all over your wall—not just the fridge.  Why not post the painting from Mrs. Sawchuck’s drawing class.  Butch and Harold creates an environment where kids can grow their talent.  Butch and Harold have some very cool wall stickers.

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