Stay Away from the Sandbox & Petting Zoo!

Goat at a petting zoo in Bornem, Belgium

Goat at a petting zoo in Bornem, Belgium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children often become ill after using the sandbox at the park! Squirrels and various other animals that may have disease often use these convenient dry places to release feces and urine. When your child touches this sand these germs are then transferred to your child resulting in a wide range of aliments from a simple cold to something more such as a bacterial infection. Sandboxes at the park can also carry illness from other children, and as the sand is often not changed your child can pick up common childhood illnesses leaving you to wonder where they would have picked it up…

Likewise, the petting zoo also causes illness, especially to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Pet dander runs rampant on those cute woolly sheep and “harmless” donkeys. Children can breathe in the germ infested fur and have allergy and asthma flare ups. Also hundreds of children could be petting these animals every day. Those germs can remain in the fur and if your child’s hands are not satisfied (because believe the the animals fur is not sanitized at any point) your child has now inherited any illness just one of those children can have!. If you are looking for fun fall activities try pumpkin or apple picking! Go looking for fall leaves on a nature walk! Stay germ free!

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