Cool Study Zones for Kids

Back to school time is upon us, and you want to do all you can to help your kids succeed academically. One of the best things parents can do for their children is to set up an adequate study zone for them. Just like adults, having the right space, furniture, and supplies will increase productivity; let them help furnish it, and they will view it as their own private space.

Carve out space: Find a spot in the house where your child will have peace and quiet, but is also close enough to ask you for help if he needs it. This can be a space in the kitchen or family room, or in his bedroom; but make sure it’s roomy enough to spread out all of the books and other things needed. It is probably best that there is no television playing or cell phones ringing during designated study time.

Ample furniture: A sturdy table or desk is vital, and it’s good if you can find something modular so you can add to it as he grows. A basic desk is great for little kids, maybe with just a drawer or two to put away papers. Later on, file cabinets and cubbies will come in handy. You also want to give them a nice comfortable chair, but not one that is so cozy they curl up and take a nap instead of studying. In addition to normal room lighting, add a good desk lamp to prevent eye strain.

Storage and organization: It’s important to stock up on essentials like pens and pencils, paper, ink cartridges, staples, and tape. You might buy a small cabinet to designate the supply closet, and a pencil cup for writing tools and scissors. A calendar put up nearby makes it easier for them to keep track of when projects are due, and a corkboard can be used to show off good marks or special accomplishments. Labels and bright colors make it fun for kids to use the space, and easy for them to keep it clutter-free so they’ll want to spend more time there.

Giving your kids a nice space to study free of clutter and noise will help them learn good study habits. These habits will serve them well into the future, and keep the stress levels to a minimum in your home for years to come.

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