Toddler Too Sick for Nursery School? Signs for the Working Mom

So your boss tells you yo have to meet the next deadline and your pre-schooler has started coughing.. .what should you do? 9 times out of 10 a nursery school will have a sick policy in place (fever free four 24 hours or can not be at nursery school vomiting), but more often than not sick toddlers end up at preschool. Parents think that because the child just has a cough or a slight runny nose they are “well enough” to go to nursery school or day care.

Here are a few tips:

1. Green or yellow mucus means infection.
2. 99 is a fever in a child over two.
3. Vomiting twice is not usually just something they ate.
4. A clearing of your throat cough is very different than a child who has a cough coming from the chest.
5. If your child is not acting normal (excessively bad behavior or slow or seems run down) it could be a sign that they could be ill.

Here are the US Surgeon General’s Tips to Keep Toddlers Safe and Healthy

Also, tips for Keeping your toddler healthy this winter from

Remember that you nursery schooler is not replaceable but every job is. Often we send our kids to child care slightly ill and they pick up something from another sick child and now we have gone from having to stay home for one day for a mild illness to having to stay home for several days if not the week to fight off a serious infection.

When in doubt stay home. Someone once said : I have heard people regret many things but have never heard someone say they regret staying home with their child.”

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