Christmas Gift Ideas For Toddlers & Nursery Schoolers

A Lego City

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At a time when toys are full of lead paint and may contain date rape drug like chemicals having any idea of what Santa should bring for your little one may be difficult. Here are a few time saving gift ideas that may help:

  • Game systems such as V Tech, Hooked on Phonics, L-MAX and leap pads by Leapster are wonderful educational gifts. They promote learning and still have a”video game appeal” that is non violent and fun. Children can learn to write, count, create art, and even do mathematics. These systems also usually provides age levels on the game boxes to help parents choose whats right for them.
  • A wonderful and timeless gift are Legos or building blocks. Legos are great because they provide a sensory experience, enhance fine motor development, and most importantly utilize a child’s imagination skills. Lego’s come in all different styles now (pirate ships, dinosaurs etc) so whatever your nursery schooler is in to can be built! Building blocks are fun and allow for toddlers to understand the concept of logic and to practice patience!
  • Classic board games such as Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Hungry Hippos can make wonderful gifts. Not only do they promote learning but they allow for parents to have an opportunity to spend quality time with their child. Whether you are playing a logic skill came such as “Memory” or working on your fine motor skills with “Ants In Your Pants,” you both will have hours of fun to look ahead to!
  • Another great gift idea that is relatively inexpensive are small caged animals. No I don’t mean the fuzzy animals that poop and smell all the time. A hermit crab or a fish can provide hours of fun with minimal effort. Your child will love looking at his new sea creature and can even learn responsibility while helping to feed the new family pet. This is especially great for toddlers who may become sick frequently or have allergy issues because they are hairless pets that still need care. The great thing about buying goldfish are that even of they pass, they can be easily replaces and require little maintenance.

These ideas can really help your family have a Merry Christmas! Santa’s bag can still be full of fun items that you are certain will be safe for your toddlers and nursery school age kids!

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