The Learning Place Child Care Center – Hackensack, NJ

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The Learning Place – School Information

Locations: 400 Summit Ave, Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey 07601
Phone: 201-343-3077
Ages: 3 months – 5 years old

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Parent Review

This is a small day care center. My daughter has been staying here since she was 4 months old and now she is almost 20 months. I don’t know about other programs but the infant program is very good.

Although the infant room is very small, it is always clean and neat. The staff are professional and passionate. They are always loving and caring. They always noticed me when my daughter was not doing well and they would try to do everything to comfort her until I picked her up (I had to commute from Manhattan so it always took me more than two hours). The staff and child ratio meet NJ requirement and they always have back up when staff is short. They take care of my daughter very well and I am very please with their service.

I definitely will recommend the infant program to someone who does not mind to place their baby into a smaller classroom.


  1. lori says:

    i recomend this school

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  2. Jmjudkins says:

    Overal I am pleased with this facility. I have a personal relationship with my two son’s teachers. The staff are professional and passionate. They personally care about the children and communicate very well with the parents in my opinion. The curriculum is fine.

    I only have 2 concerns. (1)That there is no 5 year old room. This impacts the 4 year olds that miss the public school cut off. (2) I also wish they have more trips. They have maybe 2 a year.

    The hours are great and very flexible. They are open from 6:30am until 6:15 pm without extra charge.

    Also They are very clean
    I definitely will recommend the program.

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  3. Caselaw1 says:

    Having looked into numerous childcare centers, I am happy that I chose The Learning Place: I have confidence when I walk out the door each day that my son will be well cared for. When I arrive to pick him up he is so happy he sometimes doesn’t want to go home! The school is clean, the staff loving and concerned about each child AND in inclement weather there is a large play area where the children get excellent exercise when they cannot go out onto the fenced playground to romp and play.

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  4. VeryConcern says:

    I find this facility to be below standards of what any parent would need and require. I had constantly requested a better cirriculum, sanitary and loving environment for my child. These requests/demands fell on deaf ears. The director and assistanc director main concern was extracting the funds from the parents but did not provide a safe environment for the children. I witness a parent shed tears when she found her baby’s food sitting on top of the refrig still frozen. That was my last straw. I removed my child afterwards. DONT TAKE THE CHANCE…

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