Toddlers & Naps: When To Stop

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Parents, we love the kids nap time. Its our break time, rest time, or time to get things done, but you may have noticed that its getting increasingly difficult to put your pre schooler to sleep! Here are a few tips to let you know if your child is ready to end nap time:

Does your child have trouble falling asleep at a consistent bedtime if he takes a nap? If your child is going to bed later and later when he takes a nap, then chances are he no longer needs a nap.

Although, before you end the nap completely try a shorter nap first. Some children may still need a 1/2 hour of rest just to keep themselves energized. Then you can gradually move on to a quiet rest time or a quiet activity time,

Is your child cranky by 5 or 6pm? If your child is crying , overlay active, or just plain out driving you nuts by the late afternoon. Children will act totally out of character or have “melt downs” when they are exhausted. Even if your child fights you put him to sleep! He needs it, and his body language and behavior are telling you that.

Does your child come home from school, fall asleep for an hour, and then wake up and refuse to go to sleep at bed time?
This is the classic sign of a child who should be napping at school. Speak with the teachers and let them know what is occurring at home. More often than not, if the teacher ensures that the child is near to her during rest time, then the child will fall asleep. Also, if your child sleeps with an object at home bring it to school, this will help promote naps as well.

Children who have outgrown naps are children who exhibit their normal behaviors and mood consistently throughout the day. They are children who still go to bed at their normal bed time without a problem and wake up in the morning. Some children slide back and forth, some days they need a nap, and some days they are fine. For all children their should be a quiet rest or activity period throughout the day with a minimum length of 1/2 hour. Resting the body is vitally important for growth and recharging the brain. It also helps out us parents who need a bit of a recharge ourselves sometimes!

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