Protecting Our Daughters From The Wrong Role Models.

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I need a positive role model.

Photo courtesy of Steve Navarro

In a world where Jamie Lynne Spears is pregnant at 16, and Lindsay Lohan has just come out of rehab, it is hard to find people to look up to. Gone are the days where icons such as Mary Tyler Moore and Marie Osmond were positive role models for young girls. We have now reached an era where Britney Spears is continually showing her private area, and as mothers it may be hard to find a way to counteract these negative images. Here are a few ideas to aid in assisting your child in finding her way through this media madness:

  • Always be honest with your child. It is almost impossible to avoid the constant media attention to all the negative behaviors around, so explain to your child what they are seeing. Let them know that these “icons” are regular people who make mistakes. Explain to your child that these behaviors are inappropriate and unacceptable. Remember, if you try to avoid it, they will hear about it somewhere else and then might idolize or emulate that behavior. Things that are kept secretive and that parents don’t want to talk about are always more intriguing to children.
  • Always watch who and what your children are interested in. Make time to listen to music, peruse the internet and watch her favorite shows. Sure “Hannah Montana” is not on the most fun list for an adult to watch, but by keeping in tune with what your daughter is interested you are able to provide feedback about the “stars” they idolize, making her realize that they are just real people. This will hopefully make her realize that celebrities are not role models.
  • Provide positive role models for your daughter. Tell your daughter interesting things family members have accomplished. If your daughter enjoys sports, then go to the library and look up famous athletes together. If your daughter enjoys music and singing, introduce her to different eras or rock and roll or pioneer female musicians. By reading about different celebrities you are making them real. You can show your daughter that women can be strong and accomplish their goals. Do some research, whether it is family or past related and it will help you daughter realize there is more to life than just the celebrities of the day.

Above all remember that whether she admits it or not, you are your daughter’s ultimate role model. She will always look to you for guidance on how to live your life. As long as you communicate with her and are honest, your daughter will idolize you. So in a world where we must contend with Vanessa Hudgens being nude and Paris Hilton making sex tapes remember, all hopes are not lost. be real, be honest, and keep the lines of communication open. Your daughter will thank you for it !