Home Playground Safety Tips


Many parents think that because it’s at home, their backyard playground is safe. As a result of this thinking, they relax their vigilance and children end up getting hurt. The truth is, whether at home or at the local park, a playground is still a playground, and as with any environment, it presents a danger. Of course, this does not mean you need to toss that swing set in your backyard. The importance is in recognizing the risks and taking measures to reduce them.

There are a few certain steps you can do to minimize risks, as well as things that must be avoided. This results in a fun environment where young persons can enjoy the freedom of playtime without danger of injury or worse.


Check the ground padding

Many injuries are caused by a fall onto a hard surface, such as asphalt or concrete. Make sure that the area underneath the playground is sufficiently padded to absorb shock. Materials such as fine sand, fine gravel, shredded bark mulch, or wood chips work well.

Avoid hot surfaces

This can be a danger particularly in hot climates, but even in cooler ones as well. As the day heats up, so does the play set. Be especially careful with metal as it may be hot to the touch and can even cause burns. Other materials may also cause discomfort due to heat. Check the surface temperature of your child’s backyard play set before your kids go out to play.

Avoid Choking hazards

Dangling ropes and chains as well as narrow spaces can pose strangulation hazards. A child can entangle his or herself in ropes and choke. Other accidents are caused when a child attempts to squeeze through a hole, such as between bars, that is just big enough for the body but not the head. Be sure that there are no gaps in your child’s play set, or that they are either greater than 9 inches or less than 3 1/2 inches.


Leave your children unattended

Many parents think that because it’s in the backyard, the kids do not need supervision on their playground. This could not be further from the truth! Many playground accidents occur when the parents are not around. Kids are not always aware that their activities could be harmful and need close supervision to avoid getting hurt. Place sets too close to each other or other objects Allow room for certain playground sets such as a swing. Swings need proper distance between the frame, other swings, and any objects around them.

Use equipment improperly

Many accidents are caused by improper use of the playground equipment. Make sure your kids understand the safety rules and are following them. Properly used, much of the equipment is safe to handle and is not likely to cause injury.

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