How to Tell if I am Leaving My Child in Good Hands….

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A nursery school teacher is easy to find… A great nursery school teacher is not. When thinking about leaving your ?precious cargo? in the hands of someone else I have the following suggestions. When meeting the teacher for the first time bring your child with you. Take notice of who she greets first. Also take notice of how she interacts with your child. Does she get down to his level? Does she engage the child in conversation? What is her body language saying?

After the initial introduction have a list of prepared questions that are important to you. While asking these questions pay attention to her interactions with your child. Chances are while you are speaking your child will be playing, interrupting your conversation, or hiding on your lap. In any of these scenarios a great teacher still takes time to interact with your child throughout your conversation. The most important way to tell if your child has a great teacher is through your child.

If your child is verbal listen to what they have to say… more often than not, they will express if they are having a great time, love their teacher, and love school. If your child is not speaking look for the nonverbal cues such as crying when seeing the teacher, body language, or the intense desire not to return to school. This will be different from separation anxiety because its is not presented as the fear of the child not wanting to be away from you, more so it will be discomfort of the child around the teacher… With a loving teacher the most severe cases of separation anxiety can be cured, and your child will love school!!!


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