How To Keep Your Baby Warm in Cold Weather

Cold weather creates a number of risks for your little one and can cause anything from discomfort to illness. However, keeping your baby cosy needn’t be too much of an issue if you know how to dress them properly for both indoor and outdoor winter life.

Finding the correct balance between warm and being too warm is a tough one, but we’ve got some ideal solutions.

At Home

One of the biggest worries for adults is that their baby is not warm enough, however the truth of the matter is that babies only require one extra layer than adults to stay warm. This is enough to keep them comfortable but also prevents them from getting sweaty .

So, if you think your baby may be cold and you are wearing the same number of layers, then add a cardigan or a jumper onto the S&D Le Chic onesie and things should be okay. Don’t turn up the thermostat as that’s not ideal either.

Shoes can realy make all the different to comfort levels and there are a wide range of nice comfortable little pairs for little ones – check out S&D Le Chic Stockists for some ideas.

Bedtime is also very important to get correct and a fleece sleep sack is a good way to ensure that the baby is just warm enough without the need for too many extra sheets or blankets. This keeps temperatures at a good level and prevents any issues with overheating.

Out and About

When out and about a fleece or bamboo body suit or onesie can be a great addition and work well with extra layers if the child gets cold. Bulky coats may seem like a good idea, but can be uncomfortable and even dangerous in a car seat.

Also remember to stock up on S&D Le Chic Stockists gear for covering heads and little hands. Try and ensure they have strings and can be tied onto coats or clothing, so as to prevent losing them. These usually get lost or misplaced at the worst of times – remember that.

Extra clothing is also a necessity when you are travelling in case of any mishaps or issues. There is nothing you can do about some events other than be prepared and this can be the perfect way to do so.

When you are moving the child from the car to somewhere else a basket can be a great addition and allows them to keep warm when in transit. Simply place them in there with a blanket and move them. A blanket a lone can be enough to carry them if it’s not too cold and it also means an extra hug now and again.

Bunting for a buggy or a baby seat can also be a good idea, especially if the baby is a little more subjected to the outdoors. This bunting can keep them comfortable and as most are breathable, they are very comfortable. S&D Le Chic have some good choices.

Little World Online are S&D Le Chic stockists in the UK offering a large range of this designer baby clothing for all seasons.

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