Books For Every Preschooler: Diversity, Multiculturalism and Other Lessons

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The Sneetches and Other Stories There are books that can really help discuss relevant issues that your preschooler may have at school in a manner that makes it easily understandable. One such book that really shows us that we are all different and yet the same is " The Sneetches and Other Stories " by the wonderful Dr. Seuss . In the "Sneetches" Dr. Seuss shows children that the star belly sneetches are no better than the plain belly sneetches reinforcing to your child that all children are the same no matter how they look. The next story "the Zax" tells us why we have to be flexible. The story "Too many Daves" teaches us why we all have different names, and the last story about "The Pale Green Pants" teaches us all that even though we may be different their is nothing to be afraid of. Remeber that your preschooler may be experiencing different cultures and people for the first time and it is okay and normal for him to have questions. Having books and resources can help you have tricky conversations that may be a bit uncomfortable or hard to explain at a 3 year old level.

What Should I Read To My Toddler?

In a world full of horror and tragedy it is hard to keep our children in the safe world of fiction and fairy tale land. Reading to our children is one of the best and most important things we can do as parents because

*we enhance literacy skills at an early age

*we bond with our children

*we teach moral lessons

*we expose new ideas and to their world

*we have topics for discussion and interaction with our children.

*we can help our children understand the world around them in a non threatening way.

The question then become how do we choose the right book? A new website has launched in an attempt to help parents solve this question. Like this site parents and children can rate and read reviews. These reviews are categorized and give a brief synopsis on what parent’s have found helpful. This site will help parents navigate this new world of fiction. So get reading today!