The Challenges Faced in Education Today

There has been a great deal of emphasis placed on education in the news, stressing the fact that American students are not competing, blaming the teachers for all of the problems that exist. No one is looking at the changes that have occurred in the students. In past generations, school was considered a top priority. There were no distractions from video games and other technological gadgets. When children weren’t in school, they were outside, exercising, meeting with friends, and exploring. In the classroom, there was time for creativity and discussion and they believed in the value of hard work.

Today, mobile devices and the Internet steal the attention of the majority of the population. If children network, it is through social media rather than outdoors. In the classroom, they want instant gratification and often take the easiest way out. One can’t blame them when teachers must focus on teaching to standardized testing. It’s drill, kill and fill in the bubble.

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