My Child is Not Ready for School… What Now?

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So you have tried to start the educational process and for whatever reason your child seems to be having a difficult time at school. Understand that this is okay. All children are different and all develop at their own pace.

Signs that your child is not ready to attend school or hysterical crying before you have left home when you mention school, making himself physically ill when at school, or genuine fear when you set foot into the school. I would not equate these signs as simple separation anxiety. Separation Anxiety is the fear of being away from parents. This is a normal part of a child?s development.

You know your child, and there is a distinctive difference in a child crying because he is away from you and a child fearing that he is unsafe. If your child exhibits any of the signs mentioned above take him out of school and try different options. The first is to find a school with a drop in mommy and me or playtime program where you could stop by for a few weeks with your child and allow him to be comfortable with new surroundings.

Join your child into playgroups and have him go on play dates with familiar people. During these play dates plan times where you will separate from your child for brief periods. If your child must attend a school right away find a school that allows you to stay with your child the first day of school and slowly separate from him for longer periods throughout the day. This will allow him the opportunity to see that you trust this new environment and cause him to trust it to. Above all , don’t give up! Children do things when they are ready, and when your child is ready he will love school!