Children and Strangers: Keeping Kids Safe

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So your child loves to be social and chats with everyone on the street and you think it’s a wonderful thing…most of the time. There is that uncomfortable moment though where you notice that your 3 year old is giving out all of his personal information. How do we teach our child not to talk to strangers? This is a simple yet difficult topic to cover because we want our children to be social yet we need them to be a bit fearful. Here are a few simple tips that may help:

*Explain to your child what a stranger is. Tell them that a stranger is someone that you don’t know. Let them know that when a grown up is not around they should not talk or take anything from people they don’t know.

*Let your child know that there are nice and not-so-nice people in the world. Its okay to let your child know that not everyone wants to be their friend. As a matter of fact, its imperative that children understand this concept for their safety.

*You are not going to be able to stop a pre schooler from saying what everything, but you can control who they say it to. Use your internal radar! When you are out with your child and see someone approaching to talk to them, if they give off a strange vibe, walk away. Trust your instincts. Just because someone wants to speak or touch your child doesn’t mean they should. You are the best defense against strangers, You can smile and politely walk away,

*Check out John Walsh ’s How do I teach my child not to talk to strangers. It has many useful tips and is pretty kid friendly. Also check out your local book stores and find books! The Big Bad Wolf is a great example of a stranger that your child may understand.

In this scary world we live it is vitally important to protect your child. Help your child stay social but safe!

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