Kid City Academy: Child Sun Valley, NV

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Location: 4845 Sun Valley Blvd, Sun Valley, NV 89433
Phone: (775) 674-1977
Ages: 8 weeks and above

Kid City Academy: Child Sun Valley, NV, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


  1. Parent says:

    Staff are well educated, polite and truly show compassion. I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else after 3 years.

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  2. A person who cares says:

    If you care for the well being of your child DO NOT SEND THEM HERE. Kid City Academy is an awful place. The director and manager only care about making money and will enroll children whether they have to room or not. At some times, they are over ratio. They do not have clearly established guidelines from, operating hours, to payment, illnesses, and how they handle emergencies. They also do not have a daily program, they will tell you they do, but I assure you they do not; most of the time the children do not even go outside to play.
    The staff seems very overworked and stressed out with the low staff and high ratios, and the turnover rate is VERY HIGH, teachers come and go before the children even have time to learn their name. Ideally, if you want your child to be cared for the same familiar faces day after day, then you are out of luck with Kid City Academy. The overall facilities are very poor. The walls, floors, and eating area are very dirty, (ask for proof when the last time they cleaned their floors ect.) and there is a bug problem as well, yet the director has yet to exterminate. The children’s toys and play equipment are very run down and in need of replacing. All of the toys are broken, yet the director has yet to direct this issue.
    Overall I HIGHLY recommend you do not use this daycare. I feel as if this place is a sinking ship and will be shut down shortly. But if you do not believe me, go in take a tour and ask for yourself…
    -What is the turnover rate for teachers?
    -What are the guidelines?
    -Do you have a daily schedule? (And then check the time to see if they are following it)
    -How many children are in each room as of right now with what teachers?
    -Is my child going to be moved around from room to room?

    And don’t forget to ask ALL of the teachers -How long have you been here?

    I hope that you will listen and not enroll you children in Kid City Academy!

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