Make Father’s Day Fantastic: Gift Ideas for Every Dad

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So your husband or father has everything and you are on a budget. What do you get for a father who has it all? Here are a few ideas.

  • Have Your Child Make Something. Nothing is more heartwarming than a child who crafts something for his dad. If he is younger art projects are great! If he is older he can make something that your husband is into: a birdhouse for nature lovers, design a tool box for a fit it man, or even a picture frame. Whatever it is, dad will love it!
  • Plan an Outing! Most dads love to do something with their children! Do something fun! Plan a day at the park, a fishing trip, or a day at a baseball game. This is a great way for your child to bond! They will have a great time and father’s day will create memories!
  • Food is Still the Way to Any Mans Heart. Have your child cook him a meal and go on a picnic (indoors if it’s raining). The effort will be appreciated and your child learns the importance of doing something special for daddy.
  • A Picture Can Convey Your Love. Have a photo framed or placed on a mug for your happy daddy. Seeing his children on a mug or in a frame on his desk at work will make him smile every day.
  • Sports Art Paintings – An unusual gift I just stumbled upon, and a great way to replace that painting of dogs playing poker thats hanging over the fireplace. I gaurentee he does not have one of these yet! Edgar Brown’s passionate paintings are magical, check out his latest on Eli Manning .
  • Modern Skin-Care Products Made for Men – The "metro sexual " movement is not reaching some of our extremely masculine hold-outs. Check out BeyondBeautyBasics and Mens Health for more info.

So if you are tired of giving a tie or some cologne then try something different! Your husband or father will leave feeling love and appreciated!