Is My Child Ready for School?

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So you are at home and your child, who just turned two, is running around your house and you are ready to pull your hair out! So far for the morning you have painted, colored, read stories, and are now reduced to sitting him in front of the television so you can get a minutes rest. 10 minutes later he is up throwing his crayons all over the floor ready to color again…

You may be asking yourself who gave him too much sugar, but in reality what your precious child is telling you is that he is ready for school!! Children learn the best from other children and crave social interaction. While you are filling your child?s day with one busy activity or the other what he really needs is to be among his peers learning the important skills of how to interact with others. Common signs your child is ready for school is when he starts doing things throughout the day he knows are ?naughty? and does them anyway. This is a sign of boredom.

Another sign is when he begins to repeat or retell stories you have read for him or shows he has seen on television. This really demonstrates how much he wants to learn. Also another telltale sign is when your child wants to do thing such as eating or drinking and other self help skill on his own . This shows his need to be independent from you and his need try new things alone. Having your child in a nursery school, if he is ready, does not make you a neglectful parent. After your child has had a fun filled day at school you will be ready and energized at home to fill his afternoon and evening with family time!