Back to School: Things to be Grateful For

Getting a Guardian Bond

The first term back at school is a memorable rite of passage for many – the crispness of the autumn air as you walk towards the school gates, a reunion with friends and the excitement of starting a new year. If children are feeling daunted about the return to school, or protesting at having to attend each day, it’s worth remembering that there are many things to be grateful for- and many children around the world wish they could go to school but don’t have the opportunity. [Read more...]

The Challenges Faced in Education Today

The Challenges Faced in Education Today

There has been a great deal of emphasis placed on education in the news, stressing the fact that American students are not competing, blaming the teachers for all of the problems that exist. No one is looking at the changes that have occurred in the students. In past generations, school was considered a top priority. There were no distractions from video games and other technological gadgets. When children weren’t in school, they were outside, exercising, meeting with friends, and exploring. In the classroom, there was time for creativity and discussion and they believed in the value of hard work. [Read more...]

Analyzing And Responding To Medical Emergencies

Analyzing And Responding To Medical Emergencies Thumb

Emergency rooms are often flooded by non-emergency medical situations that could have waited until the next day, and this is something that costs billions of dollars to both patients and the health care industry each year. Medical emergencies are certainly out there and there are times when a trip to the ER is advisable and unavoidable, but more often these days there are emergency rooms filled with people that don’t have a medical emergency.

One of the most obvious victims of this reality are the people in the emergency room that actually do have a medical emergency. They can be overlooked among the patients that don’t need to be there, which can sometimes even lead to the death of patients. [Read more...]

Tips for choosing and saving on school essentials

School Supplies

September reminds us the summer has drawn to a close, the crispness of autumn in upon us and for many families it’s a time when life gets back to the normal routine, its back to school.

Most parents have spent the best part of the last six weeks finding ways to entertain the kids the final task to get them ready for the new term is buying the classroom school essentials.

Each year most kids like to update their school essentials and the choice is huge, with online and on the high street retailers boasting the latest, on trend options. This can seem like another expense parents simply don’t need, at time when you already have to buy new uniforms and sports kits; and with the effects of the recession still being felt, saving on your back to school essentials is key. [Read more...]

Helping your dyslexic child at school and at home


If you child has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia you may be wondering what the next step is? What should their school be doing to support them further? How can you help them at home?

There are so many questions and today fortunately dyslexia is a highly recognised learning disability with a multitude of support and resources available. [Read more...]

How To Keep Your Baby Warm in Cold Weather

Laughing Kid

Cold weather creates a number of risks for your little one and can cause anything from discomfort to illness. However, keeping your baby cosy needn’t be too much of an issue if you know how to dress them properly for both indoor and outdoor winter life.

Finding the correct balance between warm and being too warm is a tough one, but we’ve got some ideal solutions. [Read more...]

How To Persuade Your Child To Wear Their Glasses


Nearly one in ten children between the ages of five and seventeen need to wear glasses to correct their sight.

“I Don’t Want To Look Nerdy”

Sadly however, wearing spectacles can affect a child’s self-esteem. They may feel that they look nerdy and uncool, they may even start to be bullied. Rather than a positive experience that helps them to concentrate and work well, they may feel that having to use glasses is a bad experience.  They may not like the way that glasses make them look different and may feel they look ugly and unattractive.

There are ways to counter these negative feelings that will help your child to come to terms with their new spectacles and even enjoy wearing them. [Read more...]

DEET and Permethrin: What’s the Difference?


Although we don’t want ourselves or our kids to be smothered in insect repellent, sometimes, we just need to use repellent creams or sprays for protection. There are just too many insects out there that are vectors of serious diseases. Ticks and mosquitoes, for instance, can transmit several types of virulent viruses and also parasites. Hence, protection is essential, particularly if we’re going to be spending some time outdoors.

DEET and Permethrin

There are many kinds of synthetic insect repellents available these days. Two of the most common are – DEET and permethrin. Many people think that these are the same and can be used interchangeably. To clarify, these two forms of repellents are NOT the same. One cannot be used as a substitute for the other. But they do complement each other.


DEET or diethyl toluamide is a component of many topical insect repellents. In case you’re using a DEET-based repellent, try to use the stuff sparingly. If you’re going outdoors, wear long sleeved tops and pants so that you’ll only need to apply the repellent lotion on a small area of exposed skin. DEET should not be applied near the eyes and mouth. It is also important to avoid putting on DEET on the hands of small children who have a tendency to put their hands in their mouths all the time.


Permethrin contains pyrethroids, which are derived from chrysanthemum flowers. It is not used as a topical insect repellent. Permethrin is and should only be applied onto clothes or hiking or camping gear, like bed nets, tent walls, or boots. The substance must be sprayed on the outer part of clothing or gear, and it must not be sprayed on the inner portion because this section touches the skin. Clothes that have been sprayed with the chemical must be washed separately from other items. Furthermore, permethrin must be allowed to dry completely on garments before these should be worn. [Read more...]

Homework Help for Children with ADHD

English: Seymour, CT, September 24, 2008 -- Hi...

English: Seymour, CT, September 24, 2008 — High school student assists teacher instructing STEP lessons by passing out the homework assignment. Students will plan to meet with their family members to form a communication plan in case of an emergency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The symptoms of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, can be very disruptive to your child’s life. This is particularly true when it comes to homework. Forgetfulness can lead to missed assignments. Difficulty concentrating and fidgeting may make it hard to complete the work. You may feel frustrated, and like there is nothing you can, do but there is hope. It will just take some patience, diligence and likely some experimentation to see what works best. [Read more...]

Does Your Child Need to Spend More Time Around Others?

Nursery school environment

Nursery school environment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It can be tough to figure out whether or not your child is getting enough social interaction. On one hand, some children prefer having plenty of time to themselves. While they have no problem playing and getting along with other kids, they also truly enjoy using their imagination to play by themselves in their room or your backyard. On the other hand, if a child starts exhibiting certain behaviors, it can be an indication that they’re actually lonely.

Since kids don’t always fully understand exactly what they’re feeling, it can be useful to know what signs may mean that it’s time for you to place some additional focus on ensuring your child is involved in plenty of social situations and activities:  [Read more...]

Great Teachers- Making a Difference In The Lives Of Their Students

Great Teachers- Making a Difference In The Lives Of Their Students - thumb med

Great Teachers- Making a Difference In The Lives Of Their Students The demand for good teachers in the classroom is growing. It’s estimated that the need for teachers will continue to grow, and more schools are needing teachers to fill their classrooms. Students need great teachers, and great teachers can impact the lives of their students as they go on to become great scientists, entrepreneurs and much more.

The teaching profession isn’t easy. Many teachers spend countless hours after school and at home working on lesson plans, grading papers and doing the things they need to do to help their students achieve their maximum potential. Teachers are also spending their own money buying the supplies they need for student learning. [Read more...]

Home Playground Safety Tips



Many parents think that because it’s at home, their backyard playground is safe. As a result of this thinking, they relax their vigilance and children end up getting hurt. The truth is, whether at home or at the local park, a playground is still a playground, and as with any environment, it presents a danger. Of course, this does not mean you need to toss that swing set in your backyard. The importance is in recognizing the risks and taking measures to reduce them.

There are a few certain steps you can do to minimize risks, as well as things that must be avoided. This results in a fun environment where young persons can enjoy the freedom of playtime without danger of injury or worse. [Read more...]

Three Decorating Tips for a Baby’s Nursery


One of the most exciting parts of expecting a new baby is decorating the nursery. Whether you choose to find out the gender of your new little one or you decide to keep it a surprise until he or she is born, buying nursery furniture and painting the walls really sets the stage for motherhood. Every mom has a unique vision for how she wants her baby’s nursery to look. Once your baby is born, the wall decorations and colors you choose will become comforting to your little one as he or she grows. Here are some great nursery decorating tips that you and your baby will love.

Wooden or Foam Letters

One of the sweetest and most adorable decorating ideas for a new nursery is to display large foam or wooden letters that spell out your baby’s name. You can choose to paint wooden letters in bright neon, soft pastel, or classic primary colors. If you buy foam letters, you can purchase complementary fabric from a craft store and glue or staple the fabric to the foam letters. A creative idea to add dimension to any wall is to stagger the letters or hang them in an asymmetric fashion. You can also choose to hang them in a curved arc shape.

Canvas Prints

A photo memory blanket or canvas print is a wonderful item to incorporate into your baby’s nursery. You can choose a favorite photo of a family pet, a fallen loved one, or a grandparent living in another state. As your baby grows, he or she will become familiar with the friendly face, or faces, memorialized in the canvas print or photo memory blanket. A family photo or a picture of your new baby on his or her first day of life makes a beautiful statement in any nursery. Many online services allow you to design your canvas print online, and it is shipped to you within a few days.

Cartoon Character Photos

Popular television cartoon characters are colorful, adorable and perfect for any new baby’s nursery. you can choose to purchase stuffed characters and display them on a shelf, or you can hang pictures that feature these delightful characters. Your baby will love being comforted by these familiar faces as he or she drifts off to sleep at night.

While there are many different ways to decorate a new baby’s nursery, wall art and displays make the room complete. Your baby will identify and recognize these faces, photos and stuffed toys as comfort and go to sleep each night peacefully and soundly.

Harriet Lewis blogs about amateur photography and family related activities. She writes for various websites including Elephoto, a Toronto-based service that allows you to create great baby invitations, thank you cards and photo books. Learn more here.

9 Ways To Teach Entrepreneurship To Your Children


Photo Courtesy D Sharon PruittThis world as it is now is the result of great entrepreneurship by world leaders and global business leaders. We owe our present level of development to these visionaries. As such, it is our duty to teach our children the immense value of entrepreneurship, in order that they may carry on the legacy. Here are several ways to inspire entrepreneurial thinking in your kids.

1.    Encourage Them To Brainstorm

Whenever your kids have issues, encourage them to bring those issues to the ‘family boardroom’. Here the child can present the issue, and work with the other kids and the family elders to find a solution. Brainstorming and picking other people’s brains for workable ideas that can be sculpted into possible solutions is a major aspect of entrepreneur thinking.

2.    Encourage Them To Make Money

Offer your kids limited pocket money. Your kids will have to manage their expenses within the given allowance, or come up with ideas on how they can make extra money. Let your kids bring their ideas to you; encourage your kids to find positive, legal and possible solutions to their money problems. For example, they can hold a garage sale of their old toys and earn that way. Or, they could offer to mow lawns in the neighborhood, babysit, run errands, set up a lemonade stand and so on.

3.    Find Your Child’s Passion

Not all children will find it easy to learn how to market their strategies, interface with other people and successfully execute a home entrepreneurship endeavor. So it’s important to find your child’s passion and encourage him or her to be entrepreneurial using their given skills, talents and passion. If your child has a green thumb, teach the child how to grow herbs and sell them for money. If your child has a creative bent of mind, encourage the child to make caricatures of friends and sell them, or create artistic and useful objects for money. [Read more...]

The Benefits of Preschool: A Case Study on Chicago Pre-K


Studies have shown that children enrolled in preschool are more likely to have higher test scores, better socialization skills, less grade repetition and need for Special Ed., higher graduation rates, increased earnings, less crime, and less teen pregnancy, abortion and smoking. In terms of numbers, children who participated in a preschool program are substantially less likely to have ever been on welfare as an adult—41%, compared to just 20% of those who were not involved in preschool programs—and nearly three times as likely to own a home (36% vs. 13% of non-preschool-educated people).

With today’s stagnant job market, it isn’t unusual for workers to accept job offers that require a move. For those with children, this can often be a difficult decision to make. Parents want to be sure they are making a choice that is not only beneficial to them and their professional aspirations, but to their children’s continued growth and overall well-being. [Read more...]