What We Don’t Know… Stats About the American Education Situation

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Here is a great collection of stats that prove we need to focus our efforts on the next generation instead of the war machine.

What We Don't Know

By: eLearners.com

The Top Ten Things to Consider when Talking to your Child’s Teachers

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A teacher writing on a blackboard.

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A teacher can be very good to your child and also mistreat your child. They are the person who is really in control when you are not present, so you want to speak to them tactfully and with respect. Remember if you alienate them, they might alienate your child. Here are a few helpful tips:

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Bush Did It? Federal Education Budget Not Cut!

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In fact, this years proposed federal budget seeks further spending for education on top of the past steady increases throughout the Bush administration. see White House.gov and U.S. Department of Education

So here is our chance to tell Bush thanks for doing at least one thing right. [Read more...]