Tips for choosing and saving on school essentials

School Supplies

September reminds us the summer has drawn to a close, the crispness of autumn in upon us and for many families it’s a time when life gets back to the normal routine, its back to school.

Most parents have spent the best part of the last six weeks finding ways to entertain the kids the final task to get them ready for the new term is buying the classroom school essentials.

Each year most kids like to update their school essentials and the choice is huge, with online and on the high street retailers boasting the latest, on trend options. This can seem like another expense parents simply don’t need, at time when you already have to buy new uniforms and sports kits; and with the effects of the recession still being felt, saving on your back to school essentials is key. [Read more...]

Home Playground Safety Tips



Many parents think that because it’s at home, their backyard playground is safe. As a result of this thinking, they relax their vigilance and children end up getting hurt. The truth is, whether at home or at the local park, a playground is still a playground, and as with any environment, it presents a danger. Of course, this does not mean you need to toss that swing set in your backyard. The importance is in recognizing the risks and taking measures to reduce them.

There are a few certain steps you can do to minimize risks, as well as things that must be avoided. This results in a fun environment where young persons can enjoy the freedom of playtime without danger of injury or worse. [Read more...]

Bush Did It? Federal Education Budget Not Cut!

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In fact, this years proposed federal budget seeks further spending for education on top of the past steady increases throughout the Bush administration. see White and U.S. Department of Education

So here is our chance to tell Bush thanks for doing at least one thing right. [Read more...]

Is This Day Care or Nursery Program Right for My Child?

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So you have found this program that you think you want your child to be a part of but have this nagging feeling of is this program right for him? The best way to ensure this is to observe your child and ask the following questions: Does my child like large groups of children when we go to playgroups or birthday parties, or does he do better in smaller intimate play groups?

Is my child artistic? Does this program do a lot of art? Does my child love to read? Does this program have a lot of story time? Does my child love to build, or work with trains? You get the point, think of your child’s interest and match it to what the program offers. A child who loves art and creativity may not do as well in a school that focuses mostly on academic skills.

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How to Detect a Bad Preschool or Child Care Facility

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There are a few telltale signs to detect if a preschool is terrible from the first time you set foot in the door. Here are a few preliminary tips that will help you avoid those horrendous schools without investing too much time and energy:

When entering a school to find out information, always walk in during class times and unannounced. When parents call in teachers know to expect some one and often act on their best behavior. Also Directors will ensure that all their best people are present, and that they are fully staffed during scheduled tour dates. The class will always look extremely clean on a tour date and will not gibe a realistic picture of the classroom environment. Even if the school doesn’t allow you to tour right at that moment walking in and being observant for even a few seconds will give you a lasting impression.

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