Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Busy Husbands


Dear Busy Husbands:

This is an attempt to help you be the hero and make your wife a very happy woman on Mother’s Day. Remember to buy her a gift – Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 13th. Not only do you need to remember a gift, keep in mind that you may have children that are too young to buy something on their own. You will need to fit some time and thought into their gifts too. So remember, mark your calendars! Take out your daily planner and pick a date a few weeks before the main event. That’s right, set a reminder to remind yourself to buy a gift! This way you’ll have plenty of time for your present to find its way in the mail or enough time to go shopping. Here are a few tips to receive a gold star this Mother’s Day.

Tip #1: Listen! Your wife is probably telling you what she wants. Pay attention when you spend time together, such as breakfast or maybe when getting ready for bed. Remember a few days ago she mentioned a garment steamer would make her mornings less rushed. That is the clue. She might just be nice enough to steam your shirt while you take your shower.

Tip #2: Make sure you know what type of gifts she likes to receive. Does she like personal or self-indulgence gifts? Maybe she is more practical and like items that make her life easier. The steamer is practical but a massage or a day of spa can be purchased even as a last minute thought from exhale mind body spa. Exhale has multiple locations and provides a day of beauty or a wide variety of exercise classes. Just be sure and get an appropriate card beforehand.

Tip #3: Consult with the children, family members or her girlfriends to get a better idea of what she wants. She might just want to take a cooking class with her favorite chef. Or perhaps she wants to practice her culinary talents and a cookbook would make her happy. Don’t pass up the opportunity to ask your children what their mom would like. Their innocent and sweet minds are sure to surprise you and come up with the best heart-warming gift a mother could ask for.

Tip #4: Make sure you know her style, sizes and favorite colors. You don’t want to spend the night on the couch because the dress was the wrong color. Consider this Max & Cleo Belted Pleated Dress from ISL which can be purchased and combined with a night out with dinner for two. This combination is sure to make her very happy and will show that you have been listening to what she wants.

Tip #5: Make sure you also buy her a gift from you, not just from the children. A massage gift certificate from you is great and dinner with the family is the other gift. Show you appreciate her as a mother by ordering flowers. Make arrangements for the children to take their mother for an afternoon of fun by playing miniature golf. Honoring Mom on her day is a family affair, so don’t stay behind to work.

Tip#6: Don’t let her know you left the gift buying till the last minute because you were too busy. Hire someone to go shopping for you or go stand in line for those theater tickets. You will find some here to help you with your task

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